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Cristyn + Chad's Wedding
Cristyn is explaining to Baylee that she isn't going to be in the wedding party!  Baylee is confused!  She wanted to be the flower girl!
Cristyn's sister and mom happily assisting her in getting ready to marry Chad, the love of her life!
Mom becomes emotional seeing her daughter walk down the aisle.
Cristyn becomes very excited as she approaches her dad!  Such a cool moment to capture!
Chad was intently looking into Cristyn's eyes throughout the entire ceremony. 
Cristyn is a beautiful soul and loves Chad to pieces. 
Right before the sun went down for the day, we managed to capture this lovely light!
Cristyn's facial expression shows every ounce of emotion she has in her soul as she dances with her father.
Two beautiful sisters enjoying one of the last dances together with Chad and friends!

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